‘The Forum' in La Crosse hosts current, former politicians to bring bipartisanship back to Wisconsin

‘The Forum' in La Crosse hosts...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Getting members of both political parties working together again, that was the focus of an event bringing current and former Wisconsin politicians together Monday morning.

La Crosse's Chamber of Commerce hosted politicians from both sides of the isle for 'The Forum,' which aims to create more bipartisan efforts in the Wisconsin legislature.

One former state leader says redistricting could go a long way towards bipartisanship by requiring politicians to listen to voters on both sides.

"The middle has dropped out in politics right now, so we've become very polarized, and that's very unfortunate and not good for democracy, frankly, and not good for the state of Wisconsin. We just are having a hard time getting things done even with one party control,” said Former Democratic State Representative John Medinger.

This was the 39th year of 'The Forum.' The event used to be called 'The Cracker Barrel.'

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