Ryan joins Johnson on campaign bus tour stop in La Crosse

Ryan says Republicans need to keep majority in Congress to continue working on agenda

Ryan, Johnson Visit Kwik Trip

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Candidates on the ballot Tuesday are continuing to travel across Wisconsin encouraging people to get out and vote.

Senator Ron Johnson was joined by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on a bus tour across the state Friday, including a stop at Kwik Trip headquarters in La Crosse.

Ryan says he's supporting Johnson because of what he calls a record of getting things done during his short time in Washington.

"We have an agenda that we're taking to the country, to turn this country around and fix this country's problems," said Ryan. "Ron Johnson is a part of the solution. Russ Feingold will be a part of the problem."

Johnson agreed, saying he wants to get back to Washington to finish what he started in his first term.

"I'm looking forward to getting back there in 2017 with Speaker Ryan and addressing these problems, these serious challenges facing America and it all starts with economic growth, reducing regulatary burden, having a competitive tax system, and keeping energy prices low," said Johnson.

Ryan also says he's interested in staying Speaker of the House once Congress reconvenes after the election. Even though the two work in different branches of Congress, Johnson says he would support Ryan continuing as Speaker.

"We want him to be Speaker. Paul is such a person of integrity, idea, courage, political courage, that's exactly what we need in the Speakership. So I'm a big Paul Ryan fan."

The duo will continue to campaign around the state tomorrow, including a stop with Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence in Mukwanago.

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