Report: Russia-linked accounts stirred discord in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (AP) - A Milwaukee newspaper's review of tweets found Russia-linked accounts sought to spur racial and political discord in Wisconsin after a police officer's fatal shooting of a black man sparked riots.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports the accounts sent more than 30 tweets during the August 2016 unrest in Milwaukee following the shooting.

One of the accounts, @TEN_GOP, is named in a recent federal indictment from special counsel Robert Mueller. The account tweeted during the riots: "This is Obama's America! #Milwaukee." Another account claimed Black Lives Matter supporters were targeting "white people for a beat down."

Jurors acquitted former officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown of homicide charges for fatally shooting Sylville Smith when Smith ran from a traffic stop.

President Donald Trump became the first Republican to win Wisconsin since 1984.

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