La Crosse Co. voters give green light for resort tax proposal to move forward

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Voters in La Crosse County were asked a non-binding referendum question in Tuesday's election about adding a new tourism-related tax.

County officials are proposing a Premier Resort Area Tax (PRAT) to help cover the costs of road repairs.

Under PRAT, tourism-related businesses would be taxed a half of a percent of every dollar of revenue.

The non-binding referendum asked voters what they think of the idea.

The advisory referendum passed as follows:

Yes:    8,361       54.92%

No:     6,863        45.08%

Even though the referendum passed, it will still require the approval of the state legislature and Governor Scott Walker.

It will also need 'super-majority' approval from the La Crosse Co. Board before going back to the voters in a binding referendum.

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