Over 30 car break-ins reported in La Crosse over weekend

Over 30 car break-ins reported in La Crosse over weekend

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - UWL Senior Carter Hunter has lived near campus all four years, and has never known of any problems with cars being broken into.

"I have not, I think on Oktoberfest one of my friend's cars got damaged, but I think you can attribute that to the fest." 

Because of that, Carter's pretty comfortable parking his car in the street. 

"I lock my keys in my car. I have a pad on my car which is convenient, so I do always have my car locked, but I keep my keys in there though." 

But according to Sgt. Tom Walsh with La Crosse Police Department, Carter may be too comfortable leaving valuable items in his car. 

"Anything that's easily portable you want to take those things out of there, and if you can't do that at least move them to an area of the car where they're out of sight." 

The story of someone breaking in and taking a car stereo is a thing of the past, now those who break into cars want smaller, valuable items like a wallet or cell phone. 

"Those stereos are really hardwired in and it takes a lot of effort to get out of there. Criminals are looking for easy opportunities. An easy in and an easy out."

"My golf clubs are very visible in there, so yes I do keep valuable items in my car," explained Hunter. 

These types of cases are not easily solved, and police need the public's help to catch those responsible. 

"The Police really need your help when it comes to this sort of stuff, and if you're seeing things that appear out-of-place give us a call,"added Walsh. 

One thing you can do now, is make your car less attractive to burglars, something Carter is now considering. 

"Hearing that there's been more car break-ins makes me a little nervous." 

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