Onalaska police hold spring awards banquet

ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT) - The Onalaska Police Department held their annual spring awards banquet on May 16 at the Onalaska Omni Center.

24 officers from the Onalaska Police Department, two officers from the Onalaska Police Reserve, along with an officer from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service were recognized for their performance during 2017.

Officers recognized received the following recognition: Medal of Valor, Meritorious Service, Distinguished Service and Life Saving Awards.  Officers also received ribbons for Distinguished Career, Grand Cordon and their service in the United States Military.  Seventeen officers were recognized for safe accident free driving during the previous five years.  Two police reserve officers received awards for Reserve Officer of the Year and Volunteer of the Year.

Police Chief Troy Miller recognizes the hard work and dedication of the officers at the Onalaska Police Department. Chief Miller congratulated these officers for their accomplishments during the past year.

2018 Onalaska Police Department Awards

Officer:                Award:
Jeremy Lawrence*            Medal of Valor
Anthony Cavadini            Medal of Valor
Tyler Thilges                Medal of Valor
Timothy Berg            Meritorious Service
Daniel McCluskey            Distinguished Service
Chad Marcon (2)            Distinguished Service
Terry Lund                Distinguished Service
Jasson Jobe                Distinguished Service
Daniel McCluskey            Life Saving
Rick Proctor (2)            Life Saving
Tyler Thilges                Life Saving
Trevor Carlson            Life Saving
Chad Marcon            Grand Cordon
Tyler Thilges                Grand Cordon
Anthony Cavadini            Grand Cordon
Benjamin Town            Military Service Ribbon
Chad Marcon            Distinguished Career Ribbon
Daniel McCluskey            Distinguished Career Ribbon
Rick Proctor                Distinguished Career Ribbon
Keith Roh                Distinguished Career Ribbon
Rick Proctor                Safe Driving
Joel Flaten                Safe Driving
Jasson Jobe                Safe Driving
Barry Holm                Safe Driving
Richard Elias                Safe Driving
Chad Marcon            Safe Driving
Matthew Jahr            Safe Driving
Peter Jakowski            Safe Driving
Leah Myers                Safe Driving
Justin Kingery            Safe Driving
Keith Roh                Safe Driving
Shawn Robinson            Safe Driving
Daniel McCluskey            Safe Driving
Troy Miller                Safe Driving
Michael Moeller            Safe Driving
Timothy Berg            Safe Driving
Shawn Colgan            Safe Driving
Alex Mason                Reserve Officer of the Year
Dave Villeneuve            Volunteer of the Year

*Jeremy Lawrence is an Officer with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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