Country music superstar makes concert night extra special for Onalaska man

ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT) - Following multiple mishaps, an Onalaska man shares his journey to what he calls a 'surreal' concert experience.

Ben Martens was looking forward to going to the Garth Brooks concert in St. Paul with his good friend last weekend, when he got a phone call from her saying she had hurt herself and couldn't go. The call came the Wednesday night before the Friday concert. Ben is in a wheelchair and needed his friend to help him navigate through the stadium. He scrambled to find someone to take him and luckily, he connected with another friend who had a cousin going to the concert as well. 

Ben, and his now new friend, made the trip to the concert venue Friday night and connected with others to enjoy the show. They all were gathered at the security check point when a front tire on Ben's wheelchair fell off. Security offered to get a loaner wheelchair, which ended up taking almost 45 minutes to receive. 

Once the wheelchair arrived, Ben and his friends could finally enter the stadium. With the assistance of a security guard, they headed for the elevator. Unfortunately, the elevator was packed with concert goers, so security offered to take Ben's group to a freight elevator to get them to their seats on the first level. Ben was getting nervous as it was getting close to show time.

As they made their way to the freight elevator down an empty hallway, a man walked passed the group and said to Ben, "nice shirt". Ben happened to be wearing his Garth Brooks sweatshirt. When the group turned around, they realized it was Garth Brooks. Garth stopped and talked with Ben and his friends for close to 10 minutes. Ben was thrilled when Garth got down on one knee to talk with him at his level. They took pictures together and Garth thanked the group for coming and then continued on his way. What impressed Ben the most is that Garth stopped them to talk. 

In Ben's words, "I will never forget that night as long as I live. It meant more to me than Garth Brooks will ever know."



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