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Stay or leave your car insurance

 Car insurance premiums nationwide have never been higher. Many of us renew our policies year after year without shopping around. But a recent survey of Consumer Reports members found that an overwhelming majority of those who changed to another carrier…

Pressure Washers: Buying versus Renting

If you're considering using a pressure washer but not sure if you want to shell out the money, the experts at Consumer Reports can help you decide whether renting or buying is the right answer for you.   

Decoding Bread Labels

But how do you navigate the endless barrage of labels on a simple loaf of bread? Consumer Reports reveals what all those claims mean.  

Meat gets a Makeover

The newer plant-based burgers claim to look and taste like the real thing, while being better for the environment. But if it's not meat, what's actually in these burgers, and how do they taste?