Officials warn of bee stings, shortage of bee venom

Officials warn of bee stings,...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The bees are here and they will be for a while.

The peak bee season is right now,  and people will start to see an increase in wasps and yellow jackets.

Allergists at Gundersen Health System want to remind people to avoid being stung.

Some things you can do to avoid getting stung are avoid wearing bright colors outside, and don't eat or drink anything you cannot see inside of, especially if it was left unattended.

Dr. Todd Mahr, an allergist at Gundersen Health System said there is a shortage of bee venom immunotherapy.

“We do currently have a shortage nationwide of venom immunotherapy. So if people come into me and they've had an anaphylactic reaction to bee stings, I can educate them, I can get them set up with self- injectable epinephrine, but I can't put them on the allergy shots we normally could right now. They're looking at this whole shortage ending in a year or so as they ramp up production again,” Mahr said.  

If you do get stung by a bee, Mahr said if possible you should take some Tylenol or Ibuprofen, put ice on the sting, monitor the spot, and get plenty of rest.

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