New Wisconsin law allows Paramedics, EMT's to provide care in home

New Wisconsin law allows Paramedics,...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A new state law could help you avoid a big ambulance bill during a medical emergency.

The Wisconsin state legislature recently passed a bill allowing paramedics and EMTs to act as 'community emergency service practitioners,' performing basic medical care in a patient's home rather than having to take them into the hospital for treatment.

The law prevents emergency personnel from doing anything that requires a separate license or certificate, but opens the door to allow them to provide other types of care that could help people avoid a trip to the emergency room.

"It allows community EMS, EMTs or paramedics to actually go and visit somebody in their home who maybe has very serious health conditions. We can go there, take care of them, check their medications, make sure they have a good diet, and it kind of keeps them out of the hospital," said Tom Tornstrom from Tri-State Ambulance in La Crosse.

In order to serve as a community emergency services practitioner, a person would have to receive approval from the Department of Health, have two years of experience, and complete additional training.

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