New art exhibit in downtown La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Fannin Counseling & Art Therapy, at 129 6th Street South, will display the works of 25 artists for its first art exhibition.

The exhibit, entitled Shift, will debut Friday, March 2 and run through May 4, 2018, a release said.

"Shift calls attention to the normalcy of our daily routines by juxtaposing it against the dramatic changes, or shifts, that punctuate our lives. The exhibition is a reflection of change, which often accompanies growth, development, trauma, and grief. Each submission captured these catalyzing events in a unique way, providing the audience with a mirror to understand the ways in which we adapt to see ourselves and our new normal," Melissa Fannin said.

Artists were invited to submit artwork that represented a shift, dramatic change, and/or a transformation in their lives. Some examples include experiences of depression, major surgeries, physical accidents, stress relief, and friendship.

Shift Artists:

Ashton Hall
Baley Murphy
Cody Bartz
Dewayne Wrencher
Diane Knight
Dylan Overhouse
Georgina Kingsley
Jean Lauer
Jennifer Fisher Jones
Jennifer Terpstra
Julia Crozier
Julia Mielke
Katherine Wilkinson
Laurel Grey
Lisa M Harper
Lori Biwer-Stewart
Louisa Zuba
Lynne Burgess
Marianne Stanke
Maura Henn
Melissa Fannin
Mikayla Koble
Paulette Coleman
Sarah Bina
Tricia Fannin

Proceeds from the exhibit's sales will help offset instrument rental fees for area children through a fund set up by Old Towne Strings.

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