Near fatal drug overdose reported at La Crosse County Jail

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A La Crosse County Jail inmate reportedly supplied a controlled substance to another inmate who then experienced a near-fatal overdose.

According to a criminal complaint, jailers received a call via intercom from an inmate asking for "help". Jailers found Joseph P. Franzoi , 26, unresponsive and blue in color. Franzoi was administered two doses of NARCAN, then taken to a local hospital for a possible drug overdose.

Lindsy Mason was charged as a repeat offender, Wednesday, after reportedly providing heroin to Franzoi.

Mason denied providing drugs to Franzoi, even after authorities reported having video evidence of the incident, resulting with Franzoi snorting it.

According to the complaint, an inmate told investigators that Mason, who didn’t like the jail food, was trading heroin for food from the commissary.

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