Near-death experience from flood changes Monroe County man

Monroe County house swept off foundation by flood waters

Leon, Wis. (WKBT) - - Flooding wiped out multiple houses in the town of Leon in Monroe County.

One of those houses came off its foundation and was almost swept away in the current.

Jordan Kerska, the owner of that house, said he’s just just thankful to be alive.

"Almost sheer panic," Kerska said.

When Kerska fell asleep two nights ago he had no idea he'd awake to a real life nightmare.

"Going through it, it felt like a nightmare and I was just waiting to wake up," Kerska said.

When Kerska's cousin and roommate left the house at 5:20 in the morning everything seemed normal.

"45 minutes to an hour it went from no water at all in the yard or anything like that to water was a foot deep in the house," Kerska said.

And before he know it the entire neighborhood was submerged.

 "My truck was sitting right outside the driveway and I mean you could only see that much of it left that’s how high the waters were," Kerska said.

Within a matter of minutes parts of Kerskas house were almost entirely underwater too.

"The kitchen area was almost, I would say, neck deep and my bedroom area was about waist deep," Kerska said.

He didn't think things could get any worse until he felt his house being ripped off its foundation.

“It almost felt like it lifted straight up off of the foundation and everything and it kind of tilted sideways that's how strong the current was pushing,” Kerska said.

So he called 911 and waited for a rescue boat.

"They tried to get people out as fast as possible but the whole area was, everything was just, gone," Kerska said.

As Kerska was waiting with the water getting higher and higher he thought about his options.

“Stay in the house hope that it doesn't float away and hope that the water doesn't keep rising or make a jump for it and hope you end up somewhere safe and that you don't get pulled under," Kerska said.

Thankfully a rescue boat pulled up to his house and he was able to escape through his bedroom window.

"You could just take a deep breath knowing that you're finally safe you don't have to deal with the stresses of will I make it through this," Kerska said.

And even though Kerska lost his house and almost everything inside of it he's just happy to be alive.

"When you're finally out it just makes you appreciate just being here. It went from the worst feeling in the world to the greatest feeling in the world just seeing my parents that morning," Kerska said.

Kerska said he's still waiting to hear from his insurance company.

Representative Ron Kind was in Leon today trying to assess the damage and said he's confident Monroe, Vernon and Adams counties will be able to qualify for FEMA assistance.

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