More definitive test results come back from Hi-Crush sand mine spill

WHITEHALL, Wis. (WKBT) - More definitive test results are back from a spill at a sand mine in Whitehall that made its way into some area waterways.

As News 8 previously reported, the preliminary results showed no immediate threat to the safety of the water.

About two weeks ago, a worker became trapped in the cab of a bulldozer in a retention pond at the Hi-Crush sand mine.

Rescuers successfully drained the pond to free the man, but in the process caused a rush of water into a nearby tributary.

The Wisconsin DNR says surface water tests taken within hours of the spill show the highest concentrations of metals right near the site of the breech.

The DNR says the levels lessened as the pond water moved downstream and tests done at the Trempealeau River show levels meeting water quality standards.

The DNR also says there has been no indication of any fish kills.

More testing is being done to get a better idea of any potential long-term effects.

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