Meth use rises in Wisconsin

New study found increase of 300% since 2011

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A newly released study finds methamphetamine is on the rise in Wisconsin.

The study found meth use in the state increased by nearly three-hundred percent since 2011. It also estimates Wisconsin will continue seeing an increase in meth use for the next five to ten years.

Local health educators say the study helps determine the best way for communities to combat meth use.

"If we want less negative outcomes from those using meth, then we need to be addressing the issue. We need to be able to definitely get out more awareness and more education, but also how to assist and how people can get help,” said La Crosse County Health Department Health Educator Al Bliss.

The data for the study came from 96 organizations across the state.

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