Mayor Tim Kabat gives state of the city address

Mayor Tim Kabat gives state of the...

LA CROSSE, Wis (WKBT) -- - It's a new year and that means new goals for the city of La Crosse. Mayor Tim Kabat gave his state of the city address Thursday night. 

Kabat highlighted some of the accomplishments the city was able to get done in 2017. 
He spoke about the growth of La Crosse neighborhoods and businesses, as well as a lot of development downtown. 

One of the major achievements included the closure of tent city and dealing with the homeless population in the community in a responsible fashion. 

Kabat said those accomplishments were vital in order to keep the community of La Crosse moving forward.

"The fact that we were able to in essence to close tent city," Kabat said.  "I think shows a lot about our community and we did it in a way I think with compassion and with empathy for the folks who were living there."

The mayor talked about a continuation of the city's neighborhood efforts as well as strengthening the police force in 2018. 

One of the major projects mentioned was the plan to break ground on the multimillion dollar La Crosse Center expansion. 

Kabat says he continues to set high goals every new year.

"You have a very short period that you do the job and so you really do want to try and accomplish as much as you can," Kabat said. "I really believe in establishing a large number of high level goals."

Kabat said accomplishments like tent city give him confidence for 2018. He said there is still plenty of work to be done. 

Kabat also plans to continue the fight against homelessness by focusing on families in the city who are also struggling to find shelter.

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