Looking ahead: Spring road construction

Looking ahead: Spring road construction

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - With the winter season almost coming to an end, a new season of construction will begin.

This includes the final stage of the Exit 3 project which involves reconstructing Rose Street from Livingston Street to Onalaska.

"Since it's going to be a total reconstruction, we'll have traffic run on one side of the roadway while we construct the other, and then once that's finished we'll move over and put traffic on the new roadway, on the new side and then construct the other half," said Rob Winterten, project manager with WisDot.

The project will begin in March and is expected to end mid November.  Project managers say the construction will have an impact on traffic.

"It's a very major arterial that we have especially between Onalaska and La Crosse and then it's also an interchange," Winterten said.

The project includes new on-and-off ramps to I-90 and intersections with signals as well as bike and pedestrian accommodations.

Winterten says prior to the changes, there were safety issues that needed to be addressed.

"The bridges were low that were over the top of Rose Street and so things just kind of build from there so raising those bridges caused the interstate to kind of have to be done, causes the ramps to redo."

Other new projects will also address safety concerns and mobility in the area.

This includes a roundabout on 7th and Cass Streets.

"So that will sort of line up the offset intersection with 7th street which should improve the functionality and mobility of 7th street," said Todd Waldo, project manager with WisDot.

Waldo says that project may take longer than usual.

"Project will include doing some sanitary and water maintenance as well as some storm sewer work with the city."

Construction on Cass Street will begin April and it will be closed just east of 4th street through 7th street. 

The Exit 3 project costs about $16 million and the Cass street project costs about $2 million.

Future projects also include construction on Jackson street in La Crosse.


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