Local Warden named DNR Warden of the Year

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - State Conservation Warden Dale Hochhausen is selected as Warden of the Year, also known as the Haskell Noyes Efficiency Award Winner.

Hochhausen, a Cassville native, is also a safety and regulation expert who works closely with municipal and area elected officials to ensure as much volunteer compliance as possible.

Lt. Tyler Strelow, who heads the La Crosse-based Mississippi River Team that includes Hochhausen, nominated the warden  – a 21-year veteran of the warden service.

Lt. Strelow says Warden Hochhausen has a strong enforcement presence in his area and appropriately balances enforcement efforts between fish and game, recreational vehicles, recreational property, and environmental. "Dale documented over 2,000 patrol contacts throughout the year," Strelow said. If that wasn't enough, there's this fact: Hochhausen fulfills a lot of roles.

Hochhausen serves as a field training officer, academy instructor, background investigator and on the hiring panel.

The award, presented at an early June ceremony at La Crosse, is named after a prominent Milwaukee businessman and World War I officer. Noyes was a pioneer Wisconsin conservationist who created the warden award to give credit for faithful and able service. The award includes a gold pocket watch with an inscription stating the watch is a Conservation Warden Efficiency Award for "Faithful and Able Service" to the state.


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