Local officials share solar eclipse safety tips

LA CROSSE, Wis.(WKBT) - With the long- anticipated solar eclipse finally arriving Monday, many people are going to be hoping to get a glimpse.

That's why officials at Mayo Clinic Health System want to remind you of some safety tips.

Normal sunglasses do not provide enough protection, and that's why they say to use solar eclipse glasses. If you are using solar eclipse glasses, they say to put the glasses on before looking at the sun.

Never look directly at the sun as it can cause serious damage.

"Never, never look directly at the sun. That can cause very harmful effects on the eyes called solar retinopathy. It damages the retina which is the seeing part of the eye. So what I tell people is to use the filters and never look directly at the sun even for a few seconds. Always have the filters on,” Brandon Riemer, a consultant at Mayo Clinic Health System said.

There are no immediate symptoms of eye damage and kids are the most at risk for severe damage.

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