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WisCorps 5K for the environment

WisCorps 5K for the environment

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - 5K walks and runs are nothing new to La Crosse. But every now and then, they serve a special purpose.

Saturday was the 8th annual Great Pumpkin Chase 5K Run/Walk and it was a record-breaking year with over 200 people who showed up to participate.

The run and walk is put on by WisCorps, a non-profit organization helping to build trails, plant trees and take care of La Crosse's environment.

People of all ages huddled at the starting point to run and walk for a cause. It was a way to show WisCorps what they're doing in La Crosse, won't go unnoticed.

"Tons of good work for building trails, habitat restoration, tree planting things of that nature, but then we also do a lot of community work so we help the elderly with basic home repairs, we help remove graffiti from downtown buildings and a lot of other non profit help that we do for other agencies," said Matthew Brantner, executive director of WisCorps.

WisCorps representatives say feedback from the community, makes it all worth it.

"You know so many wonderful letters from say an elderly person who three years ago had a fall and can't do work in her home anymore, she can't take care of her yard, she can't fix her fence, she can't paint, she can't do things like that anymore, and she's still trying to hang on and keep living in her home, and a WisCorps crew comes out there, and they weed her garden, they fix her fence, they paint her shed, they do that kind of work," Brantner said.

Those who both participated in the 5K and work for the organization, say the benefits serve as an implication their hard work is paying off.

"Without working on it, we can't have runs like these so it kind of goes hand in hand and there is a lot of comradery," said Karen Muller, WisCorps member and runner.

"It's given me a much greater appreciation for the outdoors and our maintenance  of it and our environment and conservation work," said Jill Castro, WisCorps member and runner.

All proceeds from the 5K will go to WisCorps as they continue to find new ways to contribute to Wisconsin's natural resources.

Saturday's 5K run and walk was sponsored by Mayo Clinic Health System.

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