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'Pink Palace' to be housing for student mothers

'Pink Palace' to be housing for student mothers

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Many people may have seen the "Pink Palace" on Main Street in Downtown La Crosse.

The pink building was originally owned by a family in the 1800's and was later turned into an apartment complex.

Now, some parts of the building will be turned into housing for single, student mothers who attend any area college or university.

Building owners say it's an important first step to provide equal opportunities for all students in our area.

The building looks something like a paradise and that's just what it might be for the women who will soon live there.

"This particular facility is just ideal there is wonderful indoor and outdoor play areas, there is just such a wonderful fun feel about it that just speaks to women and children," said Rick Staff, president of Gerrard-Hoeschler Realtors.

The Three Rivers Scholars House is the first opportunity of its kind in La Crosse and UWL Self-Sufficiency Program Director says the project addresses a major problem student mothers are facing.

"A  tremendous amount of anxiety and fear about can I do this? Is this affordable? Is it worth it?  And having one need addressed even with you know the beginning stages, of this project, the need of housing and stabilized housing helps us answer that question yes it is possible to go to school," said Andrea Hansen.

A suite and bathroom will be available for each student mother for 400 dollars a month. While the rest will be common space such as a kitchen, a study area and play area for the children. CEO of the Family and Children Center says the project will benefit the community in a number of ways.

"When young women are continuing to pursue their education, it's good for everybody right? you know education is the key to potentially getting out of the current circumstance that they're in and so I think that's the benefit of having something like this, safe and secure housing, support from other women who are in like circumstances," said Tita Yutuc.

Project leaders say housing will be available the beginning of Spring semester and they will be looking to house three single, student mothers the first time around.
Although some parts of the building will be designed for student mothers, the changes will not affect residents who already live in the complex.

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