Local middle school students meet with city leaders, create change

Local middle school students meet with city leaders, create change

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Students at Longfellow Middle School want to see changes.

They've identified the intersection of 20th & Denton and 20th & Redfield streets as an area posing major safety concerns. 

"We saw maybe ten cars and seven of those cars had people on their phones, not paying attention," said 7th grade student Lilly Ackerman.

Students conducted a survey at the school and found 72 percent of the kids who responded, have had a near miss incident with a car. 

They decided in order to see changes, they first needed to do their research. They started tracking how fast cars were traveling near the intersection and counting the number of cars. 

Presenting to the Board of Public Works on Monday, students asked for new stop and speed limit signs to be put up near the school. 

The board approved. 

"Them approving it will hopefully mean that they'll come soon and get the problem fixed in the spring hopefully," Ackerman said.

Longfellow 7th grade teacher Jeanne Halderson says she's proud of her students for doing their research, and creating change.

"You know as a teacher, this is a dream come true. To watch kids get this excited about something."

A motion was made by city council members to approve removal of a stop sign at 22nd & Denton and switch the orientation of the two stop signs located at 21st and 22nd of Redfield, from north-south stops to east-west.

The motion carried unanimously.

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