Local dad and son 'Fill the Bus' for those in need

Local dad and son 'Fill the Bus' for...

SPARTA, Wis. (WKBT) - One local man and his son spent their Saturday doing something special for the community.

For the last five years, Dale Anderson and his son Cody have been running the 'Fill the Bus' food drive.

Each year they stand outside of Hansen's IGA in Sparta where people drop off non-perishable food items and make donations as well.

They braved the blistering cold Saturday to collect food for people in need. The food is then dropped of at Sparta Middle School's food pantry.

Dale Anderson says it's not an extraordinary act, just a small gesture that can mean a lot to those in need.

"Something nice to do, we have the capability of doing it working for a bus company and the bus drivers here helping, see a lot of the kids on the bus that need help and we have the capability to do it so why not?"

His 15-year-old son Cody follows in his footsteps, but also sees first-hand the impacts of poverty.

"I have friends who have struggled and I know how they feel so it helps," Cody said.

He also said there's not much to it, he just wants to send out a simple message:

"If you know someone else is struggling, then why not help? Because I know if you were struggling, you would want help."

With food items like macaroni, pancake mix, crackers and more, the Anderson boys say there's no shortage of donations from the Sparta community.

And each year it shows.

"A lot of people are happy that we're doing it, the food pantries have called and asked if we're doing it again this year, because the shelves are going bare, I mean not just this food pantry but food pantries all over," Anderson said.

When asked just how much food the Anderson boys collected over the years, they said the donations have been overwhelming, they've lost track.

The food drive took place from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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