Letter Carriers Food Drive helps tackle local hunger problem

Letter Carriers Food Drive helps...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The 25th annual 'Letter Carriers' food drive is helping tackle hunger in the coulee region.

Stamp Out Hunger is a postal workers food drive.

Mail carriers deliver blue bags to residents' doors, people then fill those bags up with food and place them by their mailboxes for mail carriers to pick up.

Event organizers say it's one of the biggest food drives in the nation and has made a big difference in our community.

"On one day we can collect so much food that we can go through the summer serving the programs that the hunger task force serves."

Event organizers say this is the perfect time to donate food to the Hunger Task Force because this is usually the time of year when food pantries need restocking. 
Volunteers in the area helped sort the food from noon to three Saturday.
If you missed Saturday's food drive, you can still drop off canned goods at the Hunger Task Force on the Northside. 


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