Less road construction in La Crosse this year

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) -- - Commuters may not have to worry about traffic delays as the warmer months begin. 

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation says they have no major road projects planned for the coming months in the La Crosse area. 

While that may be good for eliminating delays, local leaders said the need for road repair isn't going away. 

"There's a lot of roads that need work and there's some that are really bad," said Joe Langeberg, La Crosse County highway engineer. 

Langeberg said workers had to create a temporary fix on County Road M just to make it drivable. 

"It was so rough that trucks had to slow down to drive on it," Langeberg said. 

The only large area project that will begin in the coming weeks is County Road C and Wisconsin 108 from West Salem all the way to Burr Oak Court just south of Melrose Mindoro High School. 

Langeberg said the project spans nearly 12 miles. 

"We don't typically do a project that large," Langeberg said.  "That's going to take up most of our budget and all of our manpower for pretty much the whole summer. We can't do any other projects." 

Langeberg said the money needed to build roads isn't there. 

"The dollar only goes so far," Langeberg said.

Mayor Tim Kabat said the city is trying to get repairs on La Crosse Street done as soon as possible. Kabat said the city will meet with the DOT in the future to discuss an earlier date for the project. 

"Hopefully with this meeting coming up, we are going to try to lobby and push as much as we can for them to get those projects moved up on the calendar," Kabat said. 

The current date for the $22 million La Crosse Street replacement is 2025. Kabat said it will take time to accomplish. 

"That's a very significant amount of Money," Kabat said.

Langeberg said construction may be an inconvenience but it's necessary. 

"Be patient with us we are trying fix stuff so that you can get to work easier and safer," Langeberg said. 

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