La Crosse's mayor responds to council overrriding his veto

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - La Crosse's mayor is speaking out after the city's common council overrides his veto of an external audit of the parks department.

The council wants to spend $30,000 to have an accounting firm take a look at the department's income and donations, expenses, and accounts for the past two years.

Mayor Tim Kabat vetoed the resolution passed by the council calling for the audit last month.

Thursday night,  the council overrode that veto on a 9-to-4 vote.

The mayor says he's not happy about the vote because he still feels the resolution is too vague.

"We do have to have some scoping discussions because I think it's still a little bit unclear what exactly the council is looking for, but we're going to move forward and address those questions as best as we can," said Kabat.

This is just the 5th time Kabat has used a veto as mayor.

He twice vetoed proposals to raise the salary of the mayor's office and also used vetoes on the 2017 city budget and the rezoning of a neighborhood block.

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