La Crosse's 'Nature Saturdays' gives families unique experience

La Crosse's 'Nature Saturdays' gives...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT - If one thing holds true about La Crosse, you don't have to travel too far to experience some of Mother Nature's most beautiful scenery.

So take to take advantage of La Crosse's nature scene, education managers at  WisCorps came up with 'Nature Saturdays.'

The program is offered by Myrick Park Center in La Crosse. On the first Saturday of every month, families can bring their kids to Myrick Park Center where a program director will give them a tour both inside and outside, to explore nature and learn about different animals in the area.

Kids get to learn how to use binoculars and how different animals adapt in nature.

WisCorps manager Stephanie Hanna says it's a great way to get kids to care about the environment.

"The more you get people outside, the more you get them learning about nature the more they're going to care and maybe want to help our natural resources and also it's just great exercise," Hanna said.

Parents who attended for the first time say it's a good oppurtunity for families in the area.

"I think that it's something that to give back to the community, teach them what's important, as far as the animals and everything what's native to the area and what we can do to keep it thriving," said Tyler Harnden.

"I hope that people will understand more about how amazing nature is, even the most non-huggable critter you know like a spider there's some amazing things about spiders that I would really like people to know about," Hanna said.

The program is free and will continue to be held in the winter as well.

Kids of all ages are welcome to join.


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