La Crosse County Sheriff's Department adds K-9

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - In the past 12 years, two La Crosse Sheriff's Department members have been responsible for retrieving a street value of about a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of drugs.

Those members are K-9s, and the department usually only employs one at a time. But now, they've added a second dog to join the team.

An old dog is teaching deputy Lucas Probst some new tricks.

"You get to learn something every day,” he said. "I enjoy all parts of it."

Probst and Olissa the German boxer are now a team.

"I'd definitely consider her my partner,” he said.

As an 8-year-old trained narcotics dog, she's showing Probst, who is new to K-9 handling, some of the ropes.

"She's kind of already way ahead of me on this,” he said. "Me and her spend a lot of time together, so we get to know each other pretty well."

And as La Crosse County Sheriff's department newest K-9, Olissa has some big paw prints to follow.

"They do a lot of work,” Chief Deputy Jeff Wolf said.

In the past 12 years, Wolf said department K-9s Cliff, then Sabiye after Cliff's retirement, combined, went on nearly 1,000 deployments, sniffed nearly as many cars, located about $250,000 worth of drugs and apprehended dozens of suspects.

Olissa joins Sabiye, bringing the department up to two K-9s at once.

"Right now, we have better shift coverage in the evening shift and overnight shift where sometimes other agencies including ours is lacking,” Wolf said.

The department partners with other agencies with K-9s in the county so that one is always available if need be.

Probst is training Olissa in apprehension, article searches and trainer protection.

"Countless hours go into it,” he said, adding that it’s worth it to have his partner by his side.

"Absolutely. I loved it."

Since Olissa is 8 years old she'll likely retire in a couple years and Probst will take the skills he learned from her to train a new puppy.

Wolf said the department hopes to stick with two dogs.

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