La Crosse County mayors come together to celebrate advancement, religious freedom

Onalaska Mayor Joe Chilsen was honorary host

La Crosse County mayors come together...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Mayors from across our area came together Thursday morning to celebrate the National Day of Prayer.

The annual Mayoral Prayer Breakfast brought La Crosse County mayors together to celebrate the regions advancements while also recognizing everyone's freedom of religion. The event at La Crosse's Radisson Center hosted Mayors Joe Chilsen and Tim Kabat, along with other leaders in the region.

This year's honorary host says the event is a great way to begin constructive discussions about the area.

"It's about getting together and talking about things, whether it's faith-based or not. It's good that we sit down at the table and have conversations about where we want the area to move and how we're going to do that,” said Onalaska Mayor Chilsen.

This was the 21st year of the Mayoral Prayer Breakfast.

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