La Crosse city may include pedlets into parklet policy

La Crosse city may include pedlets into parklet po

La Crosse city may include pedlets...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Low interest in La Crosse's parklets program may spur changes.

La Crosse city officials are considering implementing pedlets into the parklet policy.

Parklets give downtown businesses the choice to use some street- side parking spaces as outdoor seating. A pedlet allows sidewalk space near a business to be used as outdoor seating, while pedestrians walk around.

City officials say downtown businesses are concerned parklets would be too open for public use.

"Some businesses are interested in limiting that use during business hours, so it's public during off-hours, but during business hours they would be able to have customers sit there, or they would have priority,” said La Crosse Associate Planner Lewis Kuhlman.

Parklet season begins April 1. Interested businesses can apply for a parklet at any time during the summer.

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