La Crosse Central High School students participate in National School Walkout

La Crosse Central High School students participate in National School Walkout

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Wednesday marks one month since the Parkland high school shooting in Florida, where 17 people lost their lives.

All across the country and in the La Crosse area, students participated in National School Walkout day.

Central High School students say the message is simple, school should not be a place to fear.

"I come to school and my classmates are worried that something is going to happen to them," one student said.

"I've messaged my mom, that's not a message that I have to send to my mom, that I love her."

But on this day, they're choosing strength. 

Students say the protest may be silent, but the reason is loud and clear.

They say being pro gun legislation and supporting gun rights, is not mutually exclusive. 

"I am actually a second amendment supporter, I believe that you know everybody does have the right to bear arms but I also believe students have the right to go to school safely without the threat of being shot," said Central senior Willow Tolle.

"I'm not anti gun, my dad was in the military he owns several different guns, he legally can own them, I have no problem with that."

Students say they're walking out because they feel affected by school tragedies across the country. 

And while the simple act of walking out won't necessarily bring immediate change, they're hoping those 17 minutes of silence, can start a real conversation on change. 

"Nobody wants to go to school and be killed because of it."

More than 200 Central High School students participated in Wednesday's walkout.

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