La Crosse Central fans reflect on the growth of Red Raiders basketball

MADISON, Wis. (WKBT) -- - The Central Red Raiders boys basketball team won a state championship last season for the first time since 1925. 

In 2015 Kobe King came through Central and helped break the title drought. 
Now the community gathered once again with a young team but the same dream. 

"It's been good for the past three years I have been to all the state games," said Dustin Ragner, a student at La Crosse Central. 

Central's basketball program caught the eyes of many when King helped put the Red Raiders on the radar. 

"Three years ago we didn't do so well. It was kind of heartbreaking but last year was the icing on the cake," Ragner said. 

"We finally got some basketball players there you know with Kobe leading the way, my two sons along with Noah and Terrance," said Mark Davis, the father of Johnny and Jordan Davis.  "You have some good basketball players there." 

Davis spent some time as an NBA player himself. He said the growth of this program has been great to see.

"I'm so proud of Johnny and Jordan and the rest of the team also. and it's just exciting to be here again," Davis said. 

However, as a parent it was safe to say he had some goose bumps before tip-off. 

"When I played I got nervous but I could handle it, Davis said. "I can't handle them playing because I can't help them. I am a little nervous for them." 

He told his sons to relax and enjoy the game they love. 

"I told them to just go out there and have fun and play basketball," Davis said. "You Have to do the same thing you have been doing for the first 26 games. This is game number 27
and you have to do the same thing you have been doing." 

Ragner said it was guys like King who is now playing for the Wisconsin Badgers who has created a new standard for Central Basketball. 

"It's really good to watch that kind of talent come through Central," Ragner said. "I like how we have Johnny and Jordan and Terrance. They will live up to the expectation Kobe set." 

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