Icy conditions make area sidewalks slippery

Icy sidewalks make walking difficult Tuesday

Icy conditions make area sidewalks...

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Tuesday's weather has made traveling difficult for drivers and pedestrians.

La Crosse building owner Steve Harm spent his morning salting his sidewalk.

While snow is expected, he says Wisconsinites aren't quite prepared to deal with something quite like this.

"I wasn't. Because your tendency isn't to stock up on a bunch of salt, because otherwise you might get stuck with it,” Harm said.

Between this and last week's storm, Harm says he's spent six hours getting his sidewalk ready, not to mention the amount of salt he's used.

"Last week we used a 170 (pounds) I think, and I've got 200 pounds in my car right now, and it might take the majority of that,” Harm said.

While Harm was busy salting, others describe the weather as a mixed bag.

"Shnitzky,” A. “Lucky” Worden said. “(It’s stands for) Snowy, sleety, rain, icky, slippery, scary. Stay inside if you can?"

The morning walk downtown was interesting.

"Like dancing, sort of like skating, trying to have an arm out for my mom so she doesn't fall, very slowly,” Worden said. “One step at a time, making sure you know where your feet are, grip with your toes."

And she says the ice, doesn't necessarily paint a pretty picture.

"It doesn't quite feel like we're in Wisconsin. This reminds me more of the West Coast because of the fog, and the rain and the clouds,” Worden said.

And while the ice may be a pain for some, it's difficult to give Wisconsin the cold shoulder.

"It's Wisconsin,” Harm said.

"Spring is right around the corner, I don't care what anybody says! We're going to will it here with the good weather,” Worden said.

Since Tuesday morning, conditions have improved on area sidewalks and roadways, but experts still urge caution when traveling.

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