Hunters prepare for gun-deer season

Hunters prepare for gun-deer season

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Gun-deer season opens Saturday, and people were busy preparing Friday, including Wiebke Fur and Trading Co. manager Jeff Adamson.

"Emergencies, broken gun, this doesn't work, new scope, need a sling; there’s always something going on,” he said. “It’s our Black Friday.”

Hunters are keeping Monsoor's Sport Shop's owner Roger Wendling on his toes as well.

"We've been pretty busy this week, (with) everybody trying to fill in on the stuff they forgot or couldn't figure out where they left it,” he said.

"I'm picking up shells for my nephew,” longtime hunter Joyce White said.

White is gearing up for opening weekend, a tradition she looks forward to each year.

"Our lives are so hurry-scurry busy, and just sitting in a stand, listening to the woods wake up and seeing the squirrels and coyotes and deer of course, and if there's a nice one I'll pop him,” she said.

White took her kids hunting with her when they were young, but she's uncomfortable with a change in state law allowing children of any age to use a gun while out with mentors.

"I'm a little concerned with that lower age,” she said. “Mentoring, yes, but if a kid at 10 gets excited and he's got a .30-06 in their hands, anything can happen, and that scares me."

Adamson is undecided.

"I think it’s good to get kids out there as early as you can, but the parents ultimately need to make the decision whether the child is mature enough to do that or not,” he said.

After a busy week of getting ready, shop workers and customers alike are ready to hit the stands.

"I'm looking forward to some nice peace and quiet,” Wendling said.

More information on what's new this season can be found here, a deer forecast here, information on tagging changes here and safety information here.

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