How to properly dispose of old electronics

Dynamic Recycling urges responsible...

ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT) - The holiday season brings a lot of new gifts into the household including electronics.

Many people will be replacing old electronics to start 2018.

Dynamic Recycling of Onalaska is urging people to dispose of their old electronics in a responsible way.

The failure to recycle devices properly such as TVs, computers and cellphones can release toxic materials into the ground.

Facilities like Dynamic Recycling are equipped to handle those abandoned electronics.

"We'll actually take the electronics apart and we will take the plastics and the metals and separate those. And then send those down to mainstream venders to be reintroduced and raw materials and be made into new products," said Dynamic Recycling's Dir. of Sales Jason Schott.

A study by the United Nations Telecommunication Union found that nearly 45 million tons of electronics were thrown away in 2016.

Dynamic recycling says the life span of everyday electronics is getting shorter.

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