Holmen Fire Department receives new fire safety gear

Gear was scheduled to arrive in January

Holmen Fire Department receives new...

HOLMEN, Wis. (WKBT) - The Holmen Fire Department is celebrating the holidays a few days early.

The station received new gear Monday to replace their current, decade-old sets. An $89,000 FEMA grant allowed the department to get 30 new sets of gear.

Fire safety gear is normally replaced every seven years, but the Holmen Fire Department's old sets were ten to 12 years old. The fire department's captain says replacing the old gear was a matter of safety.

"People just want to be safe. It has a compliance on there for a reason. The gear breaks down over time,” said Holmen Fire Department Captain Frank Garrow.

The new gear was originally scheduled to arrive late January.

The old gear will be used for training to avoid unnecessary wear on the new sets.

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