Holmen Fire Department looking for more members

 A local fire department is looking to expand and recruit more members.

The Holmen Fire Department is launching a new multi-year recruitment plan.
The goal of the five -phase plan is to get staffing levels up to 11 full time and 22 part time firefighters. Currently the department only has four full time firefighters.
Holmen Fire Chief, Paul Menches  said the plan is being implemented because of the growth of the community.

“Anytime a population exceeds 20,000 which this one has.  We're about 22,000 and growing gonna gain another 10,000 in a very short period of time. 90 square miles of response are, we have to get more full time here so we can provide more coverage during hours that we can cover. And with this new addition we'll be able to pick up 114 days of 8 hour coverage that we're not doing now,” Menches said.

Phase one of the plan was recently completed with the hiring of two graduated from the WTC fire program. The department hopes to have completed the plan by 2023.

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