Highway 35 near Alma to close temporarily in early October

Highway 35, in Alma, is expected to close for a short time in early October as part of Dairyland's Alma Station decommission project.

The exact date and time of closure is dependent on the weather and scheduling factors, but will occur at some point between Monday, October 1, and Wednesday, October 3.

According to a release from Dairyland Power Cooperative, specific timing will be updated on its Facebook page and Information Line (608-787-1200) with the closure lasting less than 45 minutes.

The highway will be closed near Dairyland's Alma Generating Site with help from the Buffalo County Sheriff's Department.

Closure of the highway during the stack demolition is necessary to ensure public safety. The Mississippi River will also be closed to all traffic adjacent to the river bank. The sheriff's department will be closing the boat landing, beginning Friday, September 28, until the demolition is complete.

Project Background

The retired Alma Station came online in 1947 and helped power the region for decades. The first three
units of the power plant ceased operations in 2011. Dairyland retired the final two units in 2014.

Dismantlement and decommissioning of the Alma Station has since proceeded safely and in full
compliance with regulatory requirements. The main building was brought down in 2017. The 700 ft. stack is the last structure to be removed.

Dairyland’s 387 MW John P. Madgett power plant is also located on the Alma Site. It remains in full
operation as a safe, sustainable and reliable source of electricity for homes and businesses.

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