Groundbreaking begins for La Crosse affordable housing units

Groundbreaking begins for La Crosse affordable housing units

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The north side of La Crosse will soon see a 50-unit, affordable housing development. 

Leaders and residents from the community came together Tuesday to celebrate the groundbreaking of Garden Terrace, project which leaders hope will help end veteran homelessness in the area. 

"And while we've reached what we call functional zero, to keep the pace that we've set, we need to continue to have more housing units available for veterans experiencing homelessness," said community development administrator Caroline Gregerson.

The $10.2 million project will include 15 units set aside for veterans who are homeless, 42 units for households that earn or are at below 60 percent of the area's median income and eight units at the market rate. 

The development was made possible through an organization called Impact Seven, which builds affordable housing in communities. 

Gregerson says these soon-to-be units will serve as more than just a place to live for many veterans.

"In partnership with the La Crosse Public Housing authority, they'll actually have on the ground services that they're going to receive to help them find employment and also have assistance in covering their cost of housing."

The development was created in response to the city's request for proposals to develop a city-owned property with community development block grants.

In addition to housing, the development will provide a community center located across the street.

The Garden Terrace is expected to be open by next July. 


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