Fidget spinners becoming popular in schools

Toy used to help students focus

Fidget spinners becoming popular in...

A new toy is becoming the latest craze among school-age children these days, and while it's considered a useful tool for some educators, it’s causing some schools to consider banning them.

Fidget Spinners are simple toys that spin and are intended to help kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and anxiety disorders.

The spinners are becoming wildly popular among kids in middle and high school.

Some educators think they are an effective tool to help kids focus in school, but some think they could be a distraction.

At Festival Foods, the latest toy has heads spinning.

"I think it's just the next new toy that each kid wants to have,” store manager Kristie Hemmersbach said.

And at schools, the toy is spinning its way into the classroom.

"I see a lot more kids over the weekend, you know, they'll come back on a Monday morning and have them right in their hands,” sixth-grade teacher Rachel Rockwell said.

Rockwell teaches several clases at Logan Middle School.

"Students will want to take a pencil and tap it or they'll move their legs around or tap with their fingers or something that gets them in motion,” Rockwell said.

She said for students who struggling with paying attention, the fidgets can do a lot of good.

"A fidget in their hand that is moving has momentum and movement that allows them to feel like there's motion and movement and action when there's a task that's asked for them,” Rockwell said.

But the toys have been a distraction at times, which is why Rockwell has created a list of rules for her classroom.

"If it's not being used as a tool, if it’s being used as a toy, then it can be taken away,” Rockwell said.

At Central High School, getting students to properly use spinners can be an easier job.

"Ideally at the high school level you can talk to kids and help them understand what they're for, why they use them, and when they shouldn't,” Central High School special educator teacher Nick Schellenger said.

Teachers said it's about finding a balance, and making sure the toy isn't spinning out of control.

"It's one tool. It's not the tool; it's just one of many,” Schellenger said.

Teachers said the spinners are helpful to students if used properly, but depending on the school students should expect to follow the rules.

If they don't, they will be asked to put the toys away.

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