Family travels across country for 35th annual Riverfest

Family travels across country for...

LA CROSSE,Wis. (WKBT) - Traveling all the way from Louisiana, James Friday knows a thing or two about festivals.

"In Louisiana we have a festival for everything, if it's a flower, a tree, a bird, a crawfish."

So when he found out about La Crosse's RiverFest, it was only right to stop by and celebrate.

Hundreds of people come down for the food and music. And while that's what makes Riverfest popular, Friday says it's the people he's enjoyed the most.

"I thought people back home were friendly, but everyone here is exceptionally friendly and very helpful."

Also traveling from Louisiana, Jerry and Paula Howland were about to experience Riverfest's cheese curds for the first time.

"Everybody's wanting me to try it, wow, I thought I had something like this once but I've never had anything like this it's awesome."

2017 commodore Jeff Wieser says Riverfest brings more than $60,000 to the area. All of which is given to non-profit organizations in the area.

"It's surly a great community, I mean everybody gives, to make a community you gotta give back to the community and I tell you these people are fantastic so we just try to be good ambassadors and give back to the people that are in this area right here."

Riverfest will wrap up on Tuesday with the Fourth of July fireworks.


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