West Salem Schools referendum asking to shift borrowing

Referendum asking to shift borrowing

WEST SALEM, Wis. (WKBT) - More construction may be in the future of the West Salem School District.

In 2016, voters approved two referendums allowing the district to spend $20 million on renovating and expanding the middle school, and $5 million to improve various high school sports facilities.

So far, the middle school project is coming in under budget while the sports projects are over budget. That's why the district will be asking voters next month to approve transferring $1.5 million from the middle school project to the sports project as well as fund improvements to the high school's auto shop.

Because the borrowing for the original $25 million total has already been made, there won't be a change to taxes if the referendum is approved.

"From a tax standpoint, we've already set up our payment for the $25 million borrowing. If we don't do this, you would see impact on our taxes 20 years from now when we made a lower payment at the end, because we wouldn't have borrowed it all," said Superintendent Troy Gunderson.

If approved, one million dollars would be used to fund the sports facility projects and $500,000  would be used to improve the auto shop which also serves students from several other districts in the area.

The referendum question will appear on the spring primary ballot on February 20th.

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