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Assignment: Education-Update: BRF Student Journalists

PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab in Black...

Assignment: Education-Update: BRF Student Journalists

BLACK RIVER FALLS, Wis. - Students in Black River Falls made national news. But they weren't just caught on video. They were given a chance to practice their journalism skills.

PBS NewsHour aired a story on the impact of concussions on high school students in one of their broadcasts last week.

Samantha Barnum, a senior from Black River Falls High School, appears in the national story. She is just one of several students who helped PBS put together a report on this topic as part of the network's Student Reporting Labs.

Black River Falls High School is the site of one of 50 of these reporting labs in the country, and the only one in Wisconsin.

The reporting labs are designed to teach students the basics of journalism by giving them the opportunity to gather information to contribute to the national story.

"They're providing a mentor and they are getting us a ton of curriculum," said Julie Tiedens, an English teacher at Black River Falls High School. "And they're also supporting us a ton to go out there and create video news reports."

The students in this reporting lab are a part of Ms. Tiedens "Writing One" class at Black River Falls High.

The students were able to work on their researching skills, interviewing skills, communication skills and critical thinking skills.

Tiedens says her students were really happy when they found out the story would be running.

One student said, 'I need to call my mom.'

Others felt proud of what they had accomplished, but they're glad the hours of editing are done.

Ms. Tiedens says she plans to continue working with PBS NewsHour and the Student reporting Lab program in the future.

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