Assignment: Education- W.I.N. Software

Software helps personalize math, English language arts lessons in the classroom

Assignment: Education- W.I.N. Software

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Math can be hard for some students, and easy for others.

"I do like math because it helps me know stuff," said Hannah Hubbard, Hintgen Elementary School second-grader.

But Mr. Fuglsang knows each of his second-graders at the La Crosse elementary school need a different level of instruction when it comes to learning the subject.

This year, he's able to give his students more of what they need through a software program called IXL.

"It's a program that's math and language arts based," said Derek Fuglsang, Hintgen Elementary School teacher. "You can go in and the students can get scored, and as many problems as they get right, they get elevated to the next level."

Students work independently on the math concepts of their choice.

"They're all working on their own pace and their own skills that they need, and that helps them out tremendously," said Fuglsang.

This computer lesson is additional time spent outside of their hour-long math class where students get to practice their new skills or challenge themselves.

"So they can go and find some other skills if they're ahead and practice those skills," said Fuglsang. "So when it comes to the end of the year, they already know some of those things in there. It puts them farther ahead in the school year."

The program also gives students personalized instruction.

"As a teacher, it's hard to do that sometimes; give everyone that individualized instruction. So, this is a good way to supplement that," said Fuglsang.

It is giving each student what they need to succeed.

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