Assignment: Education - Advanced Placement Program Growing

Assignment: Education - Advanced...

ONALASKA, Wis. - It is class registration season at high schools across Wisconsin. At Onalaska High School, students have thirteen Advanced Placement classes to choose from as part of their course options.

“Fourteen years ago when I first started we probably had three,” said John Horman, counselor and AP coordinator for Onalaska High School. “It's really gone gangbusters.”

More AP class options allows an increased number of students to participate in the Advanced Placement program and take the optional AP exam.

“It helps me prepare for college and it gives me the chance at the end of the year to potentially gain college credit if I do well on the AP exam in May,” said Megan Jones, Onalaska High School senior.

“They can potentially get some college credit that they won't have to pay for when they get to the next level whether that be a technical college or a four-year college,” said Horman.

But saving money in college credits isn't the only incentive for students to take AP classes.

“If a student can get a taste of what it's like to be at a college level class while they're in the safe and secure environment of their high school with teachers who are familiar with them, then they can get a better idea of what is college going to be like for me,” said Horman. “But they still have the support systems around them to help them.”

AP courses are free and are optional classes for students to sign-up for during registration.

However, if a student decides to take an AP test it costs $91.

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