Downtown La Crosse to gain distillery, first of its kind

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Downtown La Crosse will soon be seeing a new distillery and it may be the first one in the city's history.

What has been the 2nd Street Hair Gallery for 25 years on 2nd and Vine Streets in Downtown La Crosse, will be turned into a first-of-its kind distillery.

The La Crosse Distilling Co. will be using grain grown by local farmers to make hand-crafted cocktails.

Owner of the future distillery Nick Weber, says the idea has been around for a few years.

"We just kind of sat down and met one day and just said is this even feasible and that was almost two years ago now and we've been working on it pretty strong since then."

The distillery, which is about 10,000 square feet, would have 28 employees and would include a tasting room serving food.

Weber says he has already started working with area farmers in hopes of keeping the food and beverages local.

"We'd like the sustainability side of it, you know not bringing grains in from across the world or across the country."

Downtown Mainstreet Executive Director Robin Moses says with more than 50 restaurants in downtown, a distillery would be the perfect addition.

"I think it adds to character of our community by having these new experiences, something like this that we haven't seen before, it just gets added to the other things that are happening in downtown."

Weber says the distillery could only be an added benefit to the city's economy.

"This specific use and site of this property, having a distillery here will just add a lot more to the tourism."

The project is expected to start December 1st and be open by early next summer.

The 2nd Street Hair Gallery will still be around but will be moving to 3rd and Vine Streets.

To learn more about the La Crosse Distilling Co., visit their Facebook page:




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