Dachshund Dash and Viener Vogue get tails wagging at Oktoberfest

Dachshund Dash and Viener Vogue get tail

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Traditional German dogs dashed through the Southside Festgrounds Sunday in the Dachshund Dash and Viener Vogue’s third year.

Events included races and a chance for the pups to strut their stuff down the runway in a costume show.

Weiner dogs of all ages were encouraged to participate, including thirteen-year-old Oscar who dressed up as the late T.V. personality Mr. Rogers.

"He's very lovable. He sleeps all the time. He's just very relaxed, and he's just a great cuddler. There [are] a lot of cute, little dogs here today, so just seeing all the wiener dogs and see everyone come out... I mean, they're fun to watch and see if he'll actually dash down with a lot of these young pups," said Shannon Weiss, Oscar’s ‘dog mom’.

There were 14 puppy participants, and the winner of the race was ten-year-old Daphne.

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