Onalaska man sentenced to six years for abusing infant son

Onalaska man sentenced to six years...

An Onalaska man charged with injuring his infant son has been sentenced in La Crosse County Court.

Chad Parker, 29 pleaded guilty to physical abuse of a child and was sentenced Monday to six years in prison.

PREVIOUS: According to the criminal complaint, Parker stated that the head trauma came from sleeping with the child on the couch, where the infant got caught between the cushion and Parker's chest.

Doctors found 14 areas of bruising on the 3-month-old's body, including his back, chest and neck. A brain injury is also possible, but unconfirmed.

The infant's mother noticed the head injury the day after and took the child to the hospital, where doctors had him airlifted to Mayo Rochester.

The infant's doctor says the injuries could not have been caused from Parker just rolling onto the child while sleeping with him and are consistent with the baby being struck in the head.

Parker states he drank the night of the incident and says he has gotten into trouble before when he drinks.

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