Day 4 of the Kendhammer murder trial

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The Todd Kendhammer murder trial continues Thursday as the jurors watch and listen to a four hour interview tape with investigators interrogating Kendhammer.

Kendhammer was visibly upset and restless in the video. 

Investigators pushed Kendhammer for answers on his account of what happened. His story of going to fix a windshield wasn’t supported by others and that Barbara’s injuries could not have come from a pipe, police said.

Todd Kendhammer says “I don’t know” multiple times, answering questions about the truck, how Barbara got her injuries, and the timeline of what happened, noting that everything happened so quickly.

Kendhammer said he and Barbara never argued and that he "100 percent" would never hurt his wife.

Prosecutors are still making their way through their witness list.

The defense will likely start calling their witnesses to the stand next week.

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