Day 3 of the Todd Kendhammer murder trial in La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Autopsy results started day 3 of the Kendhammer murder trial Wednesday in La Crosse.

One juror was excused this morning as Forensic Pathologist Kathleen McCubbin took the witness stand. McCubbin performed Barbara Kendhammer's autopsy and pointed out injuries on Barbara's face, showing photos to the jurors.

The forensics pathologist says she did not see the impact on Barbara's body she would have if a pipe had hit her. She also would've expected more devastating injuries. McCubbin also said she has never seen the pattern of injuries on Barbara in any other autopsy she's done after a car accident. 


After a break for lunch, Justin Heim was on the witness stand during the Kendhammer murder trial. In an earlier statement, Todd Kendhammer said he was going to Heim's house to fix his windshield. Hiem said he did not know of any reason that Kendhammer would have been traveling to his home on the morning of the incident.

Watch a live stream from the courtroom here.

Click here for complete details on the Kendhammer murder trial.

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